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"Read Your Mind" Math Tricks

Have a look at the following "Read Your Mind" Math Tricks. Try them out yourself or learn the tricks and astound your friends.

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Magic Symbols
A webpage that can read your mind... or can it? Find out for yourself!

The following videos show some math tricks that can "read your mind".

A Math "I can read your mind" Magic Trick
Using a bit of mathematics, I can look into the future and read your mind!!
The trick is shown, and then an explanation about how it works follows.
Read Your Mind Trick (Solution)
Here is the explanation for the Read Your Mind Trick with a Calculator.

This trick shall read your mind, and tell you what number you are thinking about after you are done following all the instructions. It's a very simple and easy math trick but it works 100%
Cool Math Trick (I know your phone number)

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