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Math Trick for Multiply by 75, 101 or 111

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The following videos show some math tricks that will help you to do mental math to multiply numbers by 75, 101 or 111 quickly and efficiently.

Math Tricks: Multiply by 75
In this math video we take a look at an easy way to multiply numbers by 75. Math Tricks: Multiply by 101
In this math tricks video we discuss an easy way to multiply numbers by 101.

When multiplying 101 by a two digit number, just write down the number twice 62 x 101 = 6262 42 x 101 = 4242

When multiplying by a three digit number by 101, first we want to add the first digit to the number
Example: To find 101 x 234
2 + 234 = 236
236 is the first three digits of the answer followed by the last two digits of the original number.
Answer: 101 x 234 = 23634 Math Tricks: Multiply by 111
In this video we look at an easy way to multiply numbers by 111.

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