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In this lesson, we will look at some examples of the subtraction of whole numbers.

For more practice in subtraction (with or without borrowing), you could go to our Interactive Math Zone where you can generate worksheets according to your needs and get them marked online.

The following diagrams show examples of multi-digit subtraction. Scroll down the page for more examples and solutions on multi-digit subtraction.

Multi-Digit Subtraction

Subtraction Without Borrowing

We do not need to borrow if the first digit is large enough to subtract the second digit.

Example : 97 – 33 = 64

Subtraction without Borrowing

Subtraction With Borrowing

We need to borrow if the first digit is smaller than the second digit.

Subtraction with Borrowing

Example : 91 – 77 = 14

The result of subtraction is called the difference of the numbers. In the above example, 13 is the difference of 91 and 77.

Example : 1,000 – 576 – 48 = 376

Multi-Digit Subtraction
Examples of subtraction with borrowing

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