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Mathematics Riddles

A collection of Mathematics Riddles for fun and pleasure! Tease your brain with these riddles, then click click for answer to show or hide the answer. (Note: You may need to enable JavaScript on your browser for the answers to show properly.)

In this page, we have riddles related to Fractions, Trigonometry, Topography, Vector and others.

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  1. Who invented fractions? click for answer
  2. What is 8 divided in two parts? click for answer
  3. How many tents will a campground hold? click for answer
  4. Why is simplifying a fraction like powdering your nose? click for answer

  5. Trigonometry

  6. What do you call a teapot of boiling water on top of mount everest? click for answer
  7. Why did the identity sin(2r) = 2sin(r) get turned down for a loan? click for answer
  8. Why do you rarely find mathematicians spending time at the beach? click for answer
  9. What does trigonometry have in common with a beach? click for answer

  10. Topography

  11. Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip? click for answer
  12. What's non-orientable and lives in the sea? click for answer

  13. Vector

  14. What do you get if you cross a mountain climber with a mosquito? click for answer

  15. What do you get if you cross an elephant with a zebra? click for answer
  16. What is the definition of a vector space? click for answer

  17. General

  18. Why is math a violent subject? click for answer
  19. What is a dilemma? click for answer
  20. How do you tell that you are in the hands of the Mathematical Mafia? click for answer
  21. What is the square root of ab? click for answer
  22. How does a mathematician induce good behavior in her children? click for answer
  23. If only you and dead people can read hexadecimal, how many people can read hexadecimal? click for answer
  24. What did Pythagoras say when he was confronted by the square root of 2? click for answer
  25. How does a Mathematician support himself? click for answer
  26. How will a mathematician win a war easily? click for answer

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