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Multi-Choosing Puzzle
An ice-cream parlour is offering a Mega-Bowl Special: 12 scoops of ice-cream in a bowl from any of 12 flavours. How many different mega-bowl options are there? In this video we explore the world of multi-choosing - choosing if repeats are allowed - and answer the mega-bowl puzzle.
Pile Splitting Puzzle
Here is a cute puzzle about slitting piles of coins. In this video I explain the mathematics of the puzzle AND how to go much further with the puzzle to find other astounding invariants that will surely amaze your friends!

Derangements and Hats
A lazy teacher hands 20 graded assignments back to his 20 students - randomly. What is the probability no student receives her own paper? A hat check clerk forgets who handed in which hat and so decides to return them at random. What are the chanced no-one receives his own hat? In this video we find a formula for the number of derangements of N objects and show the classic appearance for the number e.
Dots and Dashes
Here is a cute little mystery re sequences of counting numbers. It is solved by drawing diagrams of dots and dashes.

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