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10 Easy Steps for How Not to Pass a Math Course

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We hope you enjoy our collection of excuses for not doing Math Homework.You may want to check out our algebra math jokes, calculus math jokes, geometry math jokes etc. on our Math Trivia page.

Submitted by Louette McInnes, Christchurch Boys' High School

1. Don’t bother to do homework - go out and play and count on trying to learn a whole year’s work in two weeks.

2. Talk instead of working in class - your current socializing is more important than your future.

3. Do as few problems as you can - after all,  practice only counts at sport or music.

4. Don’t worry if you’re failing at mid-year.  You still have half a year to learn a year's work.  Anyway, sportsmen don’t need brains   (unless they get injured, or dropped from the team, or need to invest their earnings for when their short sporting career is over, and this would never happen to someone as talented as you.)

5.  Leave all assignments to the last minute -  so you have to spend less time worrying about them.   You were going to do a poor job and get a poor grade anyway and  this gives you an excuse to use.

6.  Always lose the assignment sheet and claim you never got one -  as an excuse for why you missed handing in the assignment, or try “the dog ate it” as a variation.

7.  Never take your textbook to class -  otherwise someone might expect you to do some work.

8.  Spend the first 15 minutes of every period looking for your pens, pencils and book, then you only have 40 more minutes to try and waste.

9.  Spend all your study time on the subjects you like and leave the rest - you plan to fail them anyway.

10.  After using steps 1-9 all year, blame everyone else for your failure on the exam.

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