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Why is tangent called "tangent" in trigonometry?
And why is secant called "secant" and cosine called co - sine? Why these names?
In this video I explain the connection between the tangent of an angle and a tangent line. Ditto for the secant of an angle and a secant line. BTW: Did you know that "sine" means "harbour" or "cove"?
The Complex Number i is NOT the square root of negative one
Defining i to be the square root of negative one is simply wrong! This brief video explains why

Fitting Exponential Functions to Data
A standard unit in an algebra II or pre-calculus course is to find a exponential function that fits two data points. There is a hard way to do this, and there is an easy way - just write down the answer! I show you how.
Pigeon Hole Principle
In 1834 Dirichlet outined a very simple but extraordinarily powerful principle. I briefly discuss it here, and then quickly move on to use it to solve a curious little puzzle: Is there a power of three that ends with 001?

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