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Math Explained - Magic Squares

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Angles in a 5-pointed Star
Here's a cute little exercise for students taking a beginning geometry class: Draw a 5-pointed star and discover something interesting about the angles at each of its points
Magic Magic Squares!
Here's a little known extra magic property of magic squares! Is it always true or just coincidentally true for the standard examples I present?

Equidistance and Circles in Triangles
Is it obvious that through any three (non-collinear) points one can draw a circle through them? That is, is it true that every triangle sits perfectly inside some circle with all three of its vertices on that circle? How about the other way round? Is there always a circle that sits inside a triangle touching each of its three sides?
We use equidistance to swiftly show that the answers to both of these questions is yes!
Law of Sines: A Little Curiosity About It
Did you know that the ratio described in the Law of Sines for a triangle equals the diameter of the circle that circumscribes the triangle? Here's why!

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