Math Card Tricks

The following videos show some math card tricks. Have fun and fascinate your friends.

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“AweSUM 10” Beginner Math Card Trick Tutorial
Pretty cool and easy mathematical card trick revealed
Step 1: Ask the spectator to pick 2 cards. Each card needs to be from 1(Ace) to 9 and they must not add up to 10.
Step 2: Sort out the remainder cards in piles as follows:
a) Every time you see 10, Jack, Queen or King, place a card on it.
b) Every time you see two cards that add to 10, place a card on each of the card.
c) Otherwise, start a new pile.
Step 3: Remove the piles that equal 10.
Step 4: There should be two piles left. Tell the spectator’s cards by subtracting from 10.

“The Power Of Three” Mathematical Card Trick Tutorial
Prediction card trick revealed in this tutorial.
This psychic card trick can be done over the phone.
Step 1. Remove the 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings from the deck.
Step 2. Ask the spectator to:
a) Select any three cards.
b) Put down on each of the cards a combination of cards that make up the value of the card multiplied by three (for e.g. if the card is 5, 5 &imes; 3 = 15, then put down a 1(Ace) and a 5).
c) Take away the first three cards, leaving the second set of cards.
d) Repeat steps (b) and (c) to get a third set of cards.
e) Turn over one of the cards.
f) Add up all the values of the remaining cards and give you that number.
Step 3. You can tell the value of the turned over card by getting the next multiple of 9 and subtract from the given number. For example, if you are given 21 then the next multiple of 9 is 27. The card turned over is then 27 - 21 = 6.

“Math-0-matics” Card Trick
Pretty cool math trick with cards revealed in this tutorial.
Use this simple formula and this card trick will always work.
Step 1: Ask the spectator to:
a) Select a card.
b) Double the card value.
c) Multiply by 5.
d) Add 1 for Clubs, Add 2 for Hearts, Add 3 for Spades, Add 4 for Diamonds.
e) Give you the total.
Step 2: You can tell the value of the card by subtracting 15. The first digit is the card value and the second digit is the suit. For example, if you are given 57, then 57 - 15 = 42. Then the card is 4 of hearts.

Best Math Card Trick Revealed
Cool card trick revealed.
This card counting trick will always work and it will amaze your best friends.

  1. Make 4 piles.
  2. Count down from 10.
  3. Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 10, Aces are worth 1.
  4. If you say the value you flip then there is a match and you move to the next pile.
  5. If there is no match, place a face down card on top to cap the pile.

The Final 3 - Amazing Math Card Trick
Step 1: Ask the spectator to select 3 cards that they must remember.
Step 2: Make 4 piles of cards. First pile is ten cards. Second pile is 15 cards. Third pile is 15 cards. The last pile will be 9. (Don’t let the spectators know how many in each pile)
Step 3: Ask the spectator to:
a) Take one of the 3 cards and put it on top of the first pile.
b) Cut the second pile and put it on top the first pile.
c) Place the second card on top of the second pile.
d) Cut the third pile and put it on top of the second pile.
e) Place the third card on top of the third pile.
Step 4: Place the piles in the order of top to bottom: 4 - 3 - 2 - 1.
Step 5: Deal out the cards in a face up and face down order on the first two dealings and a face-down-gace-up oder in the third dealing. The last three cards will be the ones selected by the spectator.

Amazing Mathematical Card Tricks Revealed
Step 1: Ask the spectator to:
a) Pick 9 cards at random.
b) Make three piles of three.
c) Choose one of the piles and look at the card at the bottom of the pile.
Step 2: Stack the piles so that the spectator’s is in the third position.
Step 3: Ask the spectator spell out the selected card as you count. For example F-I-V-E, place the deck on top, O-F, place the deck on top, S-P-A-D-E-S. The five of spades will then be the five card.

Make A Deck Bet - Mathematical Card Trick
This amazing mathematical card trick uses the Gibreath Principle.
Two decks are set up in completely reversed order and shuffled together.
The top 52 cards will create a complete deck of cards. Self working card trick revealed.

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