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Introduction to Logarithmic Functions

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Examples, solutions, videos, worksheets, games and activities to help PreCalculus students learn about logarithmic functions.

Introduction to Logarithms

This video defines a logarithms and provides examples of how to convert between exponential equations and logarithmic equations.
Introduction to Logarithms
The importance of having inverse functions leads us to the introduction to logarithms as the inverses of exponential functions. Solving exponential equations often involves using the ideas presented in the introduction to logarithms to simplify or access the variable for manipulation. To take the log of an exponential function helps us to use the exponentiated term.

How to understand logarithms?
Now that you know all about Logarithms, here are ways to put them to use. Here are examples of fun algebra problems that can be solved using logs.
In this example we look at how to solve a basic exponential equation using logs and how to check the solution with the graphing calculator.
Logarithmic form to exponential form and vice-versa - simple examples

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