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Solving Literal Equations

Videos, solutions, worksheets, games and activities to help Algebra 1 students learn how to solve literal equations.

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What is a literal equation?
A literal equation is an equation with more than one variable.

What does it mean to solve a literal equation?
To solve a literal equation means to isolate the indicated variable.

How to Solve Literal Equations?
Sometimes we need to use methods for solving literal equations to rearrange formulas when we want to find a particular parameter or variable. Solving literal equations is often useful in real life situations, for example we can solve the formula for distance, d = rt, for r to produce an equation for rate.

How to solve literal equations (equations with more than one variable)?
1. A = LW, solve for W
2. P = 2L + 2W, solve for L
3. A = 1/2 bh, solve for b
4. A = 2LW + 2WH + 2HL
Solving Literal Equations Part 1
Solving for one variable in a formula.
1. d = rt, solve for t
2. I = Prt, solve for r
3. 2w + 2h + l = p, solve for w
4. sr + tr = u, solve for r
5. mn = p - mr, solve for m
Solving Literal Equations Part 2
1. T = 3/10(I - 12,000), solve for I
2. V = 4/3πr3, solve for π
3. v = (x - y)/m, solve for m
Solving Literal Equations for a Variable - Algebra 1
1. 3x - y = 7, solve for y
2. 3a = -6b + 5, solve for b
3. (8a + 2)/c = 4, solve for c

Literal Equations - Algebra Help
How to solve for a given variable in a formula by isolating the given variable on one side of the equation? Example:
3mn2 - p = q, solve for m
Solving Literal Equations
This video will provide examples on how to solve the literal equations.
1. 3x - 7y = 21, solve for x
2. P = 2L + 2W, solve for W
3. V = 1/2 s2h, solve for h How to solve a literal equation by multiplying by the Least Common Denominator (LCD)?
1/R = 1/S + 1/T, solve for R then solve for S
How to solve a literal equation that involves a rational expression?
(-9y - x)/[6 - x(5 - 6y)] = 1, solve for y

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