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Here, we look at linear pairs.

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What are Linear Pairs?
Linear Pairs are two adjacent angles whose non common sides form a straight line. Linear pairs are supplementary angles i.e. they add up to 180°.

The following diagrams show examples of Linear Pairs. Scroll down the page for more examples and solutions on how to identify and use Linear Pairs.

Linear Pairs

Linear Pairs and Vertical Angles
This video describes linear pairs and vertical angles. It also solves a few example problems to help you understand these concepts better.

Linear Pair Review
Example of how to find the measure of the angles in a linear pair.

Linear Pair Angles
An example of solving for a variable for linear pair angles

Solving for Linear Pair and Vertical Angles
This video that explains how to solve for the values of x and y when given angles directly across from each other (vertical angles) and next to each other (linear pair angles).

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