Linear Inequalities Games

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Linear Inequalities Games

Linear Inequality Game
Match the linear inequality with the graph.
Linear Inequalities Quiz
Solve the given linear inequalities.
Solving Linear Inequalities
Puzzle to solve Linear Inequalities.
Solving Two-Step Linear Inequalities
Solve 2-Step Linear Inequalities and select the answers
Linear Inequality Game
In this game you're trying to guess a linear inequality by guessing points.
Solving Inequalities Game
Pick your base and then watch out for asteroids on all side. Solve inequalities, blast factors, multiples, or odd and even numbers to progress through each level. Stay alert, the further you get, the faster the asteroids will travel in this online space game.
Graphing Linear Inequalities Game
Match the inequality to the graph.
Graphing Inequalities Game
Test your understanding of graphing linear inequalities.

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