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Line, Ray, Line Segment

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Videos, stories and songs to teach Grade 3 students about line, ray and line segment.

A line is a connected set of points extending forever in both directions.
A line segment is a section of a line running between two points.
A ray is the part of a straight line that extends infinitely in one direction from a fixed point.

Line, Ray, Line Segment, Plane, Point, Song
A song to help you learn Line, Ray, Line Segment, Plane, Point.
Draw a line.
Make a ray.
Make a line segment.
It's so plane.
And take the point.
Points, Lines, Rays - 3rd Grade
Learn to identify geometric figures such as points, lines, line segments, rays, and angles.
Key vocabulary is covered and there are practice problems as well.
Point - A point is an exact location or position.
Line - A line is straight and continues in both directions.
Line segment - A line segment is part of a line. It has two endpoints.
Ray - A ray is part of a line that has one endpoint. It continues in one direction without ending.
Angle - An angle is formed when two rays share an endpoint. This is called a vertex.
How many line segments are in this rectangle?
Grade 3 Math, Lines, Rays, Points, Line Segments
• it's in a straight path.
• goes in both directions.
• does not end ... so you can't measure it's length.

• it's straight.
• is part of a line.
• has one endpoint.
• goes in ONE direction.

Line Segment
• is straight.
• is a part of a line.
• has 2 endpoints that show the points that end the line.

Geometry Rap or Song for 3rd Grade. (Point, Line, Line Segment Ray and Angle)
Endpoints, Segments, Rays and Lines
Lines, Line Segments, and Rays
Difference between lines, line segments, and rays.
Line Segments, Lines, and Rays
A short explanation of line segments, lines, and rays, their labels, and the differences between them.
Geometry Basics, including points, lines, line segments and rays
Also includes naming basic figures, including perpendicular and parallel lines.

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