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Represent Lengths with Tape Diagrams

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Common Core Math Lessons, Math Worksheets and Games for all grades

Examples, videos and solutions to help Grade 2 students learn how to measure lengths of string using measurement tools; represent length with tape diagrams to represent and compare the lengths.

Common Core Standards: 2.MD.5, 2.MD.6, 2.MD.1, 2.MD.3, 2.MD.4

New York State Common Core Math Module 2, Grade 2, Lesson 9

NYS Math Module 2 Grade 2 Lesson 9

Worksheets for Grade 2

Lesson 9 Lesson Objective:

Measure lengths of string and use tape diagrams to represent and compare lengths.

Lesson 9 Homework

1. Find the measurement around three round objects in your house. Complete the chart below.
a. What is the difference between the greatest and shortest measurements?
b. Draw a tape diagram comparing the estimated measurements.
c. Draw a tape diagram to compare the actual measurements.
3. Kim is decorating a table for a party. Measure the ribbon she is using to decorate.
The ribbon is _____ cm long.
Kim needs 1 meter of ribbon.
How much more ribbon does Kim need than what she has? ______cm.
4. Shawn and Steven had a contest to see who could jump the furthest. Shawn jumped 75 centimeters. Steven jumped 23 more centimeters than Shawn.
a. How far did Steven jump? ______ centimeters
b. How won the jumping contest? _______
c. Draw a tape diagram to compare the lengths that Shawn and Steven jumped.

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