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Welcome to our collection of English as a Second Language (ESL) tools & resources for students, teachers, and educators.
We have lots of free videos that will help you improve your English and also advice and tips that will help you in English proficiency examinations like TOEFL and IELTS.

Learn English 65 - Films
Learn how to disagree with someone politely in English. In this advanced English lesson you will see two friends reviewing a movie they have seen together. They do not share the same opinion about the movie. You will learn how to ask what someone thinks about something and how to share your opinion in a polite way.
Learn English 66 - Fears
Learn how to combine adjectives with prepositions to talk about your fears. In this advanced English lesson you will see two people talking about making presentations at work. One person enjoys public speaking but the other is afraid of being in front of so many people.

Learn English 67 - Technology
Learn how to describe the latest high-tech gadgets in English. In this advanced English lesson you will see people talking about mobile phones, PDAs and computers using compound adjectives. You will learn several of the most common compound adjectives for describing technology and how to form your own compounds.
Learn English 69 - Interview
Learn how to describe yourself and your best professional qualities in a job interview. In this advanced English lesson you will watch a man interviewing for an accounting job. He uses several compound adjectives to describe his skills and personality. You will learn how to form compound adjectives by combining two nouns, adjectives or adverbs.

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