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Kinematics - Acceleration & Speed Time Graphs

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Speed-time graph : M1 Edexcel June 2013 Q5(a)(b)
A car is travelling along a straight horizontal road. The car takes 120 s to travel between two sets of traffic lights which are 2145 m apart. The car starts from rest at the first set of traffic lights and moves with constant acceleration for 30 s until its speed is 22 m s–1. The car maintains this speed for T seconds. The car then moves with constant deceleration, coming to rest at the second set of traffic lights.
(a) Sketch, in the space below, a speed-time graph for the motion of the car between the two sets of traffic lights.
(b) Find the value of T.
Speed - time graph : M1 Edexcel June 2013 Q5(c)
A motorcycle leaves the first set of traffic lights 10 s after the car has left the first set of traffic lights. The motorcycle moves from rest with constant acceleration, a m s–2, and passes the car at the point A which is 990 m from the first set of traffic lights. When the motorcycle passes the car, the car is moving with speed 22 m s–1.
(c) Find the time it takes for the motorcycle to move from the first set of traffic lights to the point A.
(d) Find the value of a.

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