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Solubility of Ionic Solids

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This is a series of lectures in videos covering topics in General Chemistry. They are conducted by Dr. Chuck Wight who teaches chemistry at the University of Utah.

Solubility of Ionic Solids
General Chemistry lecture covering general solubility rules for salts and ionic compounds. We show how to calculate the solubility of a slightly soluble salt, the role of equilibrium, and how the common ion effect limits the solubility of two salts having a common ion.
Selective Precipitation
This General Chemistry lecture covers the selective precipitation of ionic salts as a result of adding acids, bases or common ions to solution. We discuss the effects of pH on the solubility of hydroxide salts, as well as salts that contain other bases such as carbonate anion. We discuss how to calculate the precipitation that occurs when two soluble salts cross-combine to precipitate an insoluble salt. Finally, we talk about the equilibria for formation of complex ions in solution, which can increase the solubility of some salts by decreasing the concentration of free metal ions in solution.

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