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Intersection of Two Graphs

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Examples, videos, and solutions to help Algebra I students interpret the meaning of the point of intersection of two graphs and find its coordinates.

New York State Common Core Math Algebra I, Module 1, Lesson 5

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Student Outcomes

Students interpret the meaning of the point of intersection of two graphs and use analytic tools to find its coordinates.

Lesson Summary

The intersection point of the graphs of two equations is an ordered pair that is a solution to BOTH equations. In the context of a distance (or elevation) story, this point represents the fact that both distances (or elevations) are equal at the given time.

Graphing stories with quantities that change at a constant rate can be represented using piece-wise linear equations.

Exit Ticket

Maya and Earl live at opposite ends of the hallway in their apartment building. Their doors are 50 feet apart. They each start at their door and walk at a steady pace towards each other and stop when they meet.

Suppose that:

  • Maya walks at a constant rate of 3 feet every second.
  • Earl walks at a constant rate of 4 feet every second.

a. Graph both people’s distance from Maya’s door versus time in seconds.
b. According to your graphs, approximately how far will they be from Maya’s door when they meet?

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