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Inequalities and the Number Line

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Examples, solutions, videos, games, activities and worksheets that are suitable for GCSE Maths. How to represent and solve inequalities?

Inequalities GCSE basic introduction and examples
1. -1 ≤ x < 4
x is an integer. Write down all the possible values of x.
2. (a) x > -3. Show this inequality on the number line.
(b) Solve the inequality 7y - 34 < 8.
(c) Write down the integer values of x that satisfy the inequality -2 ≤ x < 3
3. (a) On the number line below, show the inequality -2 < y < 3.
(b) Here is an inequality, in x, sjown on a number line. Write down the inequality.
(c) Solve the inequality 4t - 5 > 11 4. -3 < x ≤ 1, x is an integer
(a) Write down all the possible values of x.
(b) Solve the inequality 2p - 7 > 11.
5. (a) (i) Solve the inequality 5x - 7 < 8
(ii) On the number line, represent the solution set to part (i).
n is an integer such that -4 ≤ 2n < 3.
(b) Write down the possible values of n.
6. (a) Solve 5x + 12 < 17
(b) Solve the inequality 3(2y + 1) &ht; 10
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