IGCSE Maths 2020 0580/01 Specimen Paper

Cambridge CIE IGCSE Past Papers and solutions.
Questions and Worked Solutions for IGCSE 2020 0580/01 Specimen Paper 1.

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IGCSE 2020 0580/01 Specimen Paper (pdf)

  1. Write seventeen thousand and seventeen in figures.
  2. Find the number of minutes from 1758 to 7.13 pm.
  3. The number of cars parked in a car park at 9am is recorded for 10 days.
    124 130 129 116 132 120 127 107 118 114
    Complete the stem-and-leaf diagram.
  4. (a) Write 6789 correct to the nearest 100.
    (b) Write 6789 correct to 3 significant figures.
  5. A cuboid measures 6cm by 3cm by 2 cm.
    On this 1cm2 grid, draw a net of the cuboid.
  6. (a) Write down the order of rotational symmetry of the shape.
    (b) Draw all the lines of symmetry on the shape.
  7. (a) Write down a fraction which is equivalent to 3/5
    (b) Write down the reciprocal of 7.
  8. A cube has a volume of 1000cm3.
    Calculate the surface area of the cube.

  1. Dan either walks or cycles to school.
    The probability that he cycles to school is 1/5
    (a) Write down the probability that Dan walks to school.
    (b) There are 200 days in a school year.
    Work out the expected number of days that Dan cycles to school in a school year.
  2. Using a ruler and pair of compasses only, construct a triangle with sides 5cm, 8cm and 10 cm.
    Leave in your construction arcs.
  3. Here is a list of numbers.
    Put a ring around the number with the largest value.
  4. Complete these statements.
    (a) 6m is the same length as …………..mm.
    (b) 7000 cm2 is the same area as …………..m2
  5. ABCDE is a pentagon.
    Explain why the diagram shows that the sum of the interior angles of a pentagon is 540°.
    Do not measure any angles.
  6. Simplify x3y4 × x5y3
  7. Write 2020 in standard form.
  8. Kim knows that one angle of an isosceles triangle is 48°.
    He says that one of the other angles must be 66°.
    Explain why Kim is wrong.
  9. Explain why √3 is irrational.
  10. The mass, m kilograms, of a horse is 429kg, correct to the nearest kilogram.
    Complete this statement about the value of m.
  11. Rearrange the formula 5w – 3y + 7 = 0 to make w the subject.
  12. Use set notation to describe the shaded regions in each Venn diagram.
  13. The radius of a sphere is 5.2cm.
    Work out the surface area of this sphere.
    (The surface area, A, of a sphere with radius r is A = 4πr2.)
  14. Triangle ABC is similar to triangle PQR.
  15. E = {children who go to the park}
    T = {children who play tennis}
    G = {children who play golf}
    120 children go to the park.
    50 play tennis.
    75 play golf.
    25 do not play tennis or golf.
    (a) Complete the Venn diagram.
    (b) Find n(T ∩ G).
  16. (a) Factorise completely 18x – 24.
    (b) Simplify (w5)4
  17. Without using your calculator, work out 1 7/12 + 13/20
    You must show all your working and give your answer as a mixed number in its simplest form.
  18. By rounding each number correct to 1 significant figure, estimate the value of
    You must show all your working.
  19. (a) The nth term of a sequence is n3 - 5
    Write down the first three terms of this sequence.
    (b) Here is a sequence of numbers.
    3, 6, 11, 18, 27, …
    Find an expression for the nth term of this sequence.
  20. OAB is a sector of a circle with radius 9cm and centre O.
    The angle at O is 30°.
    Calculate the area of this sector.
    Give your answer in terms of π.

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