IGCSE 2022 Maths 0580/22 May/June

Cambridge CIE IGCSE Past Papers and solutions.
Questions and Worked Solutions for IGCSE Maths 2022 0580/22 May/June Paper 2.

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IGCSE 2022 0580/22 May/June (pdf)

  1. At noon, the temperature is 4 °C.
    At midnight, the temperature is -9 °C.
    Work out the difference in temperature between noon and midnight.
  2. Thibault records the number of cars of each colour in a car park.
  3. Figs cost 43 cents each.
    Lyra has $5 to buy some figs.
    Calculate the largest number of figs Lyra can buy and the amount of change, in cents, she receives.
  4. Find the value of
  5. Find the total surface area of a cuboid with length 8cm, width 6cm and height 3cm.
  6. Some cards have either a square, a circle or a triangle drawn on them.
    Piet chooses one of the cards at random.
    Complete the table to show the probability of choosing a card with each shape.
  7. The price of a coat is $126.
    In a sale, this price is reduced by 18%.
    Find the sale price of the coat.
  8. The nth term of a sequence is n2 + 12.
    Find the first three terms of this sequence
  9. The bearing of B from A is 059°.
    Work out the bearing of A from B.

  1. (a) Find
    (i) p - q
  2. Find the value of p when 6p x 64 = 628.
  3. Annette cycles a distance of 70km from Midville to Newtown.
    Leaving Midville, she cycles for 1 hour 30 minutes at a constant speed of 20km/h and then stops for 30 minutes.
    She then continues the journey to Newtown at a constant speed of 16km/h
  4. Without using a calculator, work out
  5. Carlos invests $4540 at a rate of r% per year compound interest.
    At the end of 10 years he has earned $1328.54 in interest.
    Calculate the value of r.
  6. Find the highest common factor (HCF) of
  7. The Venn diagram shows the number of students in a class of 40 who study physics (P), mathematics (M) and geography (G).
  8. (a) Sketch the graph of y x = sin x
  9. (a) y is directly proportional to the cube root of (x+1).
    When x = 7, y = 1.
    Find the value of y when x = 124.
  10. (a) Find f-1(x).
  11. Factorise completely.
    (a) 2m + 3p - 8km - 12kp
  12. The nth term of a sequence is an2 + bn - 4.
    The first term is -3 and the second term is 2.
    Find the value of a and the value of b
  13. Calculate the ratio AD:DB.

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