IGCSE 2021 0580/23 Nov/Dec

Cambridge CIE IGCSE Past Papers and solutions.
Questions and Worked Solutions for IGCSE 2021 0580/23 Nov/Dec.

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IGCSE 2021 0580/23 Nov/Dec (questions)

IGCSE 2021 0580/23 Nov/Dec (mark scheme)

  1. Write 26g as a percentage of 208g.
  2. The diagram shows two parallel lines intersecting a straight line.
    Find the value of x.
  3. 11 13 15 17 19
    From this list, write down the number that is both a prime number and a factor of 195.
  4. Put a ring around each of the symbols that make this statement correct.
  5. Nina changes 153 euros into dollars when the exchange rate is $1 = 0.9 euros.
    Calculate the amount Nina receives.
  6. Marek buys a computer for $420.
    He sells it at a loss of 15%.
    Calculate the selling price of this computer.
  7. Simplify.
  8. Beatrice walks 1km at a speed of 4km/h and then 2km at a speed of 4.5km/h.
    Work out Beatrice’s average speed for the whole journey.
  9. Write the recurring decimal 0.27 as a fraction.

  1. These are the first four terms of a sequence.
    3 -1 -5 -9
    (a) Find the next term in this sequence.
    (b) Find the nth term.
  2. (a) Find the value of P when M = 100, g = 3 and h = 4.5 .
    (b) Rearrange the formula to write g in terms of P, M and h.
  3. Without using a calculator, work out
  4. Calculate 0.042 + 0.03 x 0.28.
    Give your answer in standard form.
  5. (a) Complete the statement.
    (b) Find n(Q).
    (c) Find n(P' ∩ Q).
  6. The cost of a train journey is increased by 6% to a new cost of $153.70 .
    Calculate the original cost of the train journey
  7. Jo and Mo share $26.
    Jo receives $5 more than Mo.
    Find the ratio Jo’s money : Mo’s money.
    Give your answer in its simplest form.
  8. Each interior angle of a regular polygon is 178.5°.
    Calculate the number of sides of this polygon
  9. Find the equation of the straight line that passes through the points (2, -2) and (3, 10).
    Give your answer in the form y = mx + c.
  10. The diagram shows a sector of a circle, centre O, radius 12.6 cm.
    Calculate the perimeter of the shaded segment.
  11. A lake has an area of 3km2.
    On a map the area of the lake is 18.75cm2.
    Find the scale of the map in the form 1 : n.
  12. Simplify fully.
  13. Solve the simultaneous equations.
    You must show all your working.
  14. The diagram shows a triangular prism.
    Angle BPC = 90°.
    (a) Calculate AC.
    (b) Calculate the angle between AC and the base ABPQ.
  15. tan x = √3
  16. Simplify
  17. ORT is a triangle.
    X is a point on TR so that TX : XR = 3 : 2

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