IGCSE 2021 0580/22 Nov/Dec

Cambridge CIE IGCSE Past Papers and solutions.
Questions and Worked Solutions for IGCSE 2021 0580/22 Nov/Dec.

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IGCSE 2021 0580/22 Nov/Dec (questions)

  1. The temperature at midnight is -8.5°C.
    The temperature at 11am is -1°C.
    Work out the difference between the temperature at midnight and the temperature at 11am
  2. The stem-and-leaf diagram shows the age, in years, of each of 15 women.
    Complete these statements.
    The modal age is
    The median age is
    The percentage of women that are older than 51 years is
  3. Change 2.15 hours into minutes
  4. Triangle ABC and triangle ACD are isosceles.
    Angle DAB = 86° and angle ADC = 58°.
    Find the value of x.
  5. Angelique rents a room for a party.
    The cost of renting the room is $15.50 for the first hour and then $7.25 for each additional hour.
    She pays $95.25 in total.
    Work out the total number of hours she rents the room for.
  6. Without using a calculator, work out
  7. Katy has 5 white flowers, x red flowers and (2x + 1) yellow flowers.
    She picks a flower at random.
    The probability that it is white is 1/12
    Find the probability that it is yellow
  8. Calculate
  9. Write these values in order of size, starting with the smallest.

10.The interior angle of a regular polygon is 156°.
Work out the number of sides of this polygon. 11. A car starts its journey by accelerating from rest at a constant rate of 0.7 m/s 2 for 20 seconds, before reaching a constant speed of 14m/s.
It then travels at 14m/s for a distance of 210m.
The car then decelerates at a constant rate of 1.4 m/s 2, before coming to a stop.
On the grid, complete the speed–time graph for the car’s journey. 12. The table shows the first five terms of sequences A, B and C 13. (a) Write 14. P, Q and R are points on a circle.
ST is a tangent to the circle at R.
(a) Write down the value of x.
Give a geometrical reason for your answer. 15. Calculate the area of this sector of a circle. 16. Sachin picks a number at random from the first three multiples of 3.
He then picks a number at random from the first three prime numbers.
He adds the two numbers to find a score.
(a) Complete the table
(b) Given that the score is even, find the probability that one of the numbers he picks is 9. 17. Solve.
(5x - 3)(2x + 7) = 0 18. Solve the simultaneous equations.
You must show all your working. 19. In these Venn diagrams, shade the given regions 20. (a) Find ff(6). 21. Expand and simplify 22. Solve the equation 7 2 sin x+ = 0 for 0° ≤ x ≤ 360°. 23. Simplify.

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