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Identify and Collecting Gases

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The following table shows the tests for gases:
Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Chlorine, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sulfur Dioxide.

Tests for Gases

Demonstrating the tests for oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide as well as showing how carbon dioxide affects a flame.
Testing of Ammonia Gas Testing for chlorine gas

Methods for collecting gases
Downward delivery for gases that are denser than air. (eg. hydrogen)
Upward delivery for gases that are less dense than air. (eg carbon dioxide)
Collection over water for gases that are not very soluble in water.
Collection in gas syringe when the volume of gas needs to be measured.
Methods for drying gases
Concentrated sulfuric acid is used to dry all gases except ammonia.
Anhydrous calcium chloride is used for all gases except ammonia.
Calcium oxide is used to dry ammonia and neutral gases.

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