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Examples, videos and solutions to help GCSE Maths students learn how to solve histogram problems.

How to solve Histograms problems?
A/A* GCSE Higher Statistics Maths Worked Exam paper revision, practice and help.
1. The table summarises the distances thrown in the discus event by 20 boys during a school sports day.
(a) Draw a histogram to represent the data.
(b) The distances thrown in the discus event by 20 girls are represented by the histogram below. Write down two comparisons between the distances thrown by the boys and the girls.
2. The grouped frequency table shows the weights, in kg. of 100 twelve-year old Nearland boys.
(a) Draw a histogram to represent the weights of the Nearland boys.
(b) Estimate how many Nearland boys weighed between 55kg and 67kg.
(c) The weights of 100 twelve-year old Farland boys are shown in the histogram below. Compare the weights of the Farland boys with the weights of the Nearland boys.
3. The table and the histogram show some information about the time, in minutes, taken by a group of students to travel to college in one week.
(a) Use the histogram to complete the table.
(b) Use the table to complete the histogram.
(c) Work out an estimate for the median time.
4. The histogram represents the times that a number of runners took to complete a cross-country race.
Ten runners completed the race in under 20 minutes. How many runners completed the race?
5. The histogram represents the ages of the members of a golf club.
There are 44 members who are aged under 30. Calculate the number of members who are aged 55 or over.
6. The histogram shows the lengths of leaves of a certain species of plant.
Forty-two leaves measured 25mm or less. How many leaves measured 60mm or more?

Histograms GCSE Maths Higher revision?
Exam paper practice and help
The incomplete table and histogram give some information about the heights (in cm) of some sunflowers.
(a) Use the histogram to complete the table.
(b) Use the table to complete the histogram. Drawing a Histogram (GCSE Mathematics Handling Data)

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