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Example,s solutions and videos to help GCSE Maths students learn how to solve histogram problems.

Histogram GCSE Tutorial
Drawing and reading histograms, AS stats

  1. For a project in Biology, Sharma gathered data on the length of leaves from a tree and drew the histogram below.
    (a) How many leaves had a length less than 6 cm?
    (b) How many leaves had a length greater than 9 cm?
    (c) How many leaves did she measure?
  2. The age of each person in a coach party is illustrated in the histogram below.
    There are 6 people in the 70-80 age range.
    (a) How many people are there in the 45-50 age range?
    (a) How many people are there in the 50-70 age range?

Histograms GCSE
Example (Reading a Histogram):
David carries out a survey of the speeds of vehicles passing a point on the motorway. From the data, he draws this histogram.
a) Complete this table.
b) Which range of speeds in the modal range?

Histograms GCSE
Example (Constructing and completing a Histogram)

Histogram GCSE
Example (Finding the Median from Histograms)
The histogram shows the time it takes to sell 160 houses on an estate.
Calculate an estimate of the median time to sell a house on the estate. Show your working.

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