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Heuristic Approach to Problem-solving

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Videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help students learn how to use the heuristic approach to solve word problems in Singapore Math.

Heuristic Approach to problem-solving
Elementary Example 1
Draw it out
Example: The staircase with 3 steps is made up of 6 blocks. If Thomas had 21 bolcks just like these to build a staircase, then how many steps would there be?
Heuristic Approach to problem-solving
Elementary Example 5
Example: 12 matchsticks are arranged to make a figure shown below. Rearrange 3 of them to form 3 squares of the same size.

Heuristic Approach to problem-solving
Intermediate Example 3
Make suppositions - Digit Word problem
Can Samuel find this number? Study the clues and help Samuel.
1) I am a 3-digit number
2) My first digit is 4 times my second digit
3) My digits add up to 19
What is the mystery number?

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