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Greater than and Less than Symbol

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Videos, stories and songs to help Grade 1 kids learn about how to use the greater than and less than symbol.

For example:
5 is greater than 1 can be written as 5 > 1
7 is less than 9 can be written as 7 < 9

Alligator Greater than
Includes a song to help you remember the greater than sign.
Please tell me, Mr. Alligator
Which of these numbers is the greater?
Open your jaws, so I can figure
Which of these numbers is the bigger?
Greater than or less than sign
Learn how to use the greater than and less than math symbols between two numbers
Comparing Numbers
Solving Inequalities: Greater Than/Less Than/Equal To

First grade learners can easily get confused when solving inequalities. This quick little lesson will help give them a visual that will make writing the greater than/less than symbol easier.
Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To Symbol using the dot technique

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