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GRE Practice Test Verbal Reasoning Part 4

Questions and Solutions for GRE Practice Test Second Edition. (Verbal Reasoning Section 3 Part 4)

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These are explanations and step by step solutions for the second edition of the ETS Practice Book for the Paper-Based GRE Revised General Test (Verbal Reasoning Section 3).
GRE Practice Test Second Edition - Complete Paper (pdf)

For each question, indicate the best answer, using the directions given.
For each of Questions 9 to 14, select one answer choice unless otherwise directed.

GRE Practice Test Second Edition. (Verbal Reasoning Section 3 solution for question 13)
13. According to the passage, which of the following is a widely held belief about geese?
A. They are not often seen grazing in coastal salt marshes.
B. They are not the primary consumers in salt-marsh ecosystems.
C. They play only a minor role in the productivity of salt-marsh ecosystems.
D. They are the primary determinants of which resources will thrive in coastal salt marshes.
E. They control the productivity of salt-marsh ecosystems through a bottom-up process.
GRE Practice Test Second Edition. (Verbal Reasoning Section 3 solution for question 14)
14. Which of the following, if true, most weakens the editorial’s argument?
A. Complaints of official corruption in city government have decreased since the anticorruption task force began operating.
B. Former mayor Bixby did not publicly oppose Mayor Stephens’ establishment of the anticorruption task force.
C. Almost all of the officials who have served in city government for any length of time are appointees of Mayor Bixby.
D. All of the members of the anticorruption task force had other jobs in city government before the task force was formed.
E. During the last mayoral election campaign, then–Mayor Bixby hotly disputed the current mayor’s claim that there was widespread corruption in city government.

For each of Questions 15 to 19, select the two answer choices that, when used to complete the sentence, fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole and produce completed sentences that are alike in meaning.
GRE Practice Test Second Edition. (Verbal Reasoning Section 3 solution for question 15)
15. The slower-learning monkeys searched but unintelligently: although they worked closely together, they checked only the most obvious hiding places.
A. competitively
B. impulsively
C. cooperatively
D. deviously
E. craftily
F. harmoniously

Answer is c and f - working together

GRE Practice Test Second Edition. (Verbal Reasoning Section 3 solution for question 16)
16. By about age eight, children’s phonetic capacities are fully developed but still ; thus children at that age can learn to speak a new language with a native speaker’s accent.
A. plastic
B. vestigial
C. inarticulate
D. unformed
E. nascent
F. malleable

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