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Graphs of Exponential Functions

Videos and solutions to help Algebra I students represent exponential functions on graphs.

New York State Common Core Math Module 1, Algebra I, Lesson 3

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Student Outcomes

Students choose and interpret the scale on a graph to appropriately represent an exponential function.

Students plot points representing number of bacteria over time, given that bacteria grow by a constant factor over evenly spaced time intervals.

Problem Set Sample Solutions

3. Bacillus cereus is a soil-dwelling bacterium that sometimes causes food poisoning. Each cell divides to form two new cells every 30 minutes. If a culture starts out with exactly 100 bacterial cells, how many bacteria will be present after 3 hours?

4. Create a story to match each graph below:

Exit Ticket

Assume that a bacteria population doubles every hour. Which of the following three tables of data, with representing time in hours and the count of bacteria, could represent the bacteria population with respect to time? For the chosen table of data, plot the graph of that data. Label the axes appropriately with units.

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