Graphing Polynomial Functions

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Videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help PreCalculus students learn how to graph polynomial functions.

Graphing Polynomial Functions
Graphing higher degree polynomial functions can be more complicated than graphing linear and quadratic functions. When graphing polynomial functions, we can identify the end behavior, shape and turning points if we are given the degree of the highest term.
How we identify the end behavior of a polynomial functions?

This video illustrates the characteristics of the graphs of polynomial functions.

Graphing Polynomials (1 of 2)
Part 1: This video teaches through examples how to take a polynomial from factored form and find the x-intercepts, the degree, and leading coefficient; determine the end behavior of the graph based on the degree and leading coefficient and then graph the polynomial utilizing how the graph will behave at single roots (go right through), double roots (be tangent to the x axis or bounce), and triple roots (slow down but still cross).

Part 2: This video shows how to write polynomial functions given the graph. Based on the graph or key characteristics about the graph, we write functions taking into account x-intercepts, and behavior at the x-intercepts (single, double, or triple roots)

End behavior describes where a function is going at the extremes of the x-axis.

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