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The following diagram describes what are gerunds and how they can be used. Scroll down the page for more examples and explanations of gerunds.


6 Ways to Use Gerunds
Six ways you can use a gerund, including as a subject, object, complement, object of a preposition, and as the object of a possessive

Gerunds in English
A teacher explains what gerunds look like and how they might be used.

Advanced English Grammar ESL Lesson - ING Forms & Gerunds
In this video English lesson, Brian reviews the different ING forms and gerunds. After looking at the various types of ING words in English, Brian goes on to explain the use of gerunds.

Infinitive v. Gerund - Remember and Forget
A teacher stumpers episode explaining the differences between gerunds and infinitive

Present continuous tense vs Gerunds
An English teacher shows some of the differences between the present continuous tense and gerunds.

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