Geometry Regents - June 2012

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High School Math based on the topics required for the Regents Exam conducted by NYSED. The following are the worked solutions for the Geometry Regents High School Examination June 2012.

June 2012 Geometry Regents Exam

Geometry - June 2012 Regents - Q #21
Diameter and Perpendicular Chord
21. In circle O shown below, diameter DB is perpendicular to chord AC at E. If DB = 34, AC = 30, and DE > BE, what is the length of BE?

Geometry - June 2012 Regents - Q #22
In parallelogram ABCD shown below, diagonals AC and BD intersect at E. Which statement must be true?

Geometry - June 2012 Regents - Q #23
Graph of a circle
Which equation of a circle will have a graph that lies entirely in the first quadrant?

Geometry - June 2012 Regents - Q #24
Similar Triangles
In the diagram below, triangle ABC ∼ triangle RST. Which statement is not true?

Geometry - June 2012 Regents - Q #25
External Angle
In the diagram below of triangle ABC, BC is extended to D. If m∠A = x2 − 6x, m∠B = 2x − 3, and m∠ACD = 9x + 27, what is the value of x?

Geometry - June 2012 Regents - Q #26
Equation of a Parallel Line
An equation of the line that passes through (2,−1) and is parallel to the line 2y + 3x = 8 is

Geometry - June 2012 Regents - Q #27
Transformations: Glide Reflection
The graph below shows JT and its image, J’T’ after a transformation. Which transformation would map JT onto J’T'?

Geometry - June 2012 Regents - Q #28
Which reason could be used to prove that a parallelogram is a rhombus?

Geometry - June 2012 Regents - Q #29
Triangle TAP has coordinatesT(−1,4), A(2,4), and P(2,0).
On the set of axes below, graph and label triangle T’A’P’, the image of triangle TAP after the translation (x,y) → (x − 5, y − 1).

Geometry - June 2012 Regents - Q #30
Alternate Interior Angle
In the diagram below, l || m and QR ⊥ ST at R. If m∠1 = 63, find m∠2.

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