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Geometric Series and Sequences

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Examples, solutions, videos, activities, and worksheets that are suitable for A Level Maths to help students learn how to answer Geometric Series and Geometric Sequence questions.

Geometric Series / Sequence : Example (1)
Geometric Series / Sequence : Example (2)

Geometric Sequences and Series (1 of 2)
This video explains the difference between arithmetic (common difference -- addition, d) and geometric (common ratio -- multiplication, r) sequences.
Then it shows the relation between geometric sequences and exponential functions (y = abx).
It develops the nth term equation for geometric sequences by showing how the repeated multiplication involved is really just an exponent.
Geometric Sequences and Series (2 of 2)
Problems covered:
Find the nth term equation for the geometric sequence or find a specific term given:
1. The first few terms
2. A term and the common ratio
3. Two different terms
The formula for the sum of a geometric series is developed and then used to find the sum of a geometric series, given a series of numbers of summation (sigma) notation.

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