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Geometric Sequences and Series Tutorial 2

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Examples, solutions, videos, activities, and worksheets on geometric sequences and series that are suitable for A Level Maths.

Core 2 - Geometric Sequences and Series 1
Intro basics (C2 Edexcel A Level Maths) Core 2 - Geometric Sequences and Series 2
nth term of geometric sequence, C2 AQA Edexcel Maths
Find the 7th and 12th terms in each of the sequences below:
a) First term: a = 6, Ratio: r = 2
b) First term: a = 0.5, Ratio: r = -3

Find the 9th and 14th terms in each of the sequences below:
a) 5,15,45,135,...
b) 8,-4,2,-1,...
c) 35,7,1,4,0,28,...

Find the 1st term of the geometric sequence with 2nd term 9 and 5th term 243/8.

Core 2 - Geometric Sequences and Series 3
nth term questions
A geometric sequence with a positive ratio has 3rd term 18 and 7th term 1458. Find the value of the 10th term.

A geometric sequence has the first 3 terms 2,2k,9k+5,...
Given that k > 0, find:
(a) The value of k.
(b) The 7th term of the sequence.

A geometric sequence has the first 3 terms 2p,1/p,p-1
(a) Find the value of p
(b) Write down the nth term for the sequence.
(c) Find the value of a8 - a6

A ball is dropped from a height of 5m above the floor. After bouncing once, it reaches a height of 4m above the floor. The height reached by the ball after each subsequent bounce forms a geometric sequence.
(a) Find the maximum height above the floor the ball reached after the 3rd bounce?
(b) Find the minimum number of times the ball will bounce before the maximum height reached above the floor is less than 18m. Core 2 - Geometric Sequences and Series 4
Sum of n terms Proof series

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