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Can I Take the GED Test Outside the United States and Canada?
There are approximately 3,400 Official GED Testing Centers in the United States, Canada, and their territories. They are usually operated by local school boards, adult education centers, and/or community colleges

To find an adult education center enter your ZIP code into the locator tool and it’ll show you the adult education centers closest to you.

How Much Does the GED Test Cost?
The test cost varies by location but you can always pay as you go for one subject at a time. Check your local policies by logging into MyGED at

What are the payment options at Pearson VUE testing centers?
Pearson VUE accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) credit cards. Visa and MasterCard debit cards featuring the standard Visa or MasterCard hologram are also accepted. Pearson VUE does not accept debit cards that require a PIN.

What Does the Percentile Rank on My GED Transcript Mean?
Your official GED transcript contains two sets of numbers: standard scores and percentile ranks.
The standard scores make it possible to compare scores across tests and test forms. This is necessary because some tests contain a different number of questions and there are many forms of the GED® test in circulation, all of them equally difficult.
The percentile rank makes it possible to compare your performance on each one of the tests with the performance of graduating high school seniors. The higher the percentile rank, the better your performance.

Can You Make a GED Test Score into a G.P.A.?
Letter grades (A, B+, C-, etc.) are not standardized across every high school; an A student at one high school may be a C student at a more rigorous high school. Therefore, we cannot equate GED test scores to a GPA. We can provide a national percentile rank that tells you where a GED candidate stands in relation to graduating high school seniors.

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