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Am I Eligible to Take the GED Test?

You may take the GED test if:
• You are not enrolled in high school
• You have not graduated from high school
• You are at least 16 years old. (In California, the minimum age required to take the GED® test is 18 years old.)
• You meet state, provincial, or territorial requirements regarding age, residency, and the length of time since leaving school

If you are considering leaving high school, the GED Testing Service recommends that you first meet with your high school counselor to talk seriously about your decision and the level of academic skill needed to pass the GED test.

How Can I Study for the GED Test?
The 4 Separate Subjects You Need To Know To Pass the GED Test

Where Can I Take the GED Test?
GED Testing Service now offers the GED test on computer. Note that you must appear in person, at an official testing center to take the test. The test is never offered online.
You can register and schedule online 24/7, get instant score results, and enjoy a more individualized testing experience. And remember, jobs with the 10 largest employers start with an online application. So get your computer skills ready to pass the GED test and be successful in school and your career. Learn more at

To find an adult education center enter your ZIP code into the locator tool and it’ll show you the adult education centers closest to you.

Can I take the GED Test at a Military Education Center?
To gain access to an on-base test center, you must have a valid government ID and authorization to enter the base. Civilians without a valid government ID and authorization to enter the base will be turned away by the testing center and/or military gate security. Your exam will be recorded as a 'No Show', and you will not receive a refund for your missed exam.

To find a on-base military test center, enter your ZIP code into the locator tool and it’ll show you the on-base military test centers closest to you.

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