Fruit and Seed Dispersal

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Fruit and Seed Dispersal
Seeds are dispersed away from each other and from the parent plant so that there is less competition. Some methods of seed dispersal are:

  1. Wind - light and have extensions which act as parachutes or wings to catch the wind. Example: dandelion, sycamore.
  2. Animal (internal) - fruits which contain seeds with indigestible coats so that they are not digested and are excreted in animals' droppings some distance away. Example: tomato, plum, raspberry, grape.
  3. Animal (external) - fruits have hooks which attach them to the fur of passing animals. Example: goose grass, burdock.
  4. Explosive/self propelled - pod burst open when ripe projecting the seeds away from the plant. Example: pea pod.
  5. Water - light and buoyant fruit, giving them the ability to float. Example: coconuts, willow and silver birches.

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