Fractions with Same Numerator

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Videos, examples, solutions, and lessons to help Grade 3 students learn how to compare fractions with the same numerator pictorially.

Common Core Standards: 3.NF.3d

New York State Common Core Math Grade 3, Module 5, Lesson 28
Worksheets for Grade 3

The following is a worksheet to practice comparing fractions with the same numerator pictorially. Scroll down the page for more examples and solutions.
fractions with same numerator

Application Problem
LaTonya has 2 equal sized hotdogs. She cut the first one into thirds at lunch. Later she cut the second hotdog to make double the number of pieces. Draw a model of LaTonya’s hotdogs.
a. How many pieces is the second hotdog cut into?
b. If she wants to eat 2/3 of the second hotdog, how many pieces should she eat?

Concept Development
Look again at your models of LaTonya’s hotdogs. Let’s change the problem slightly.
What if LaTonya eats 2 pieces of each hotdog?
Figure out what fraction of each hotdog she eats.

She eats 2/3 of the first one and 2/6 of the second one.

Did LaTonya eat the same amount of the first hotdog and the second hotdog?
No. But she ate 2 pieces of each hotdog.

Why is the amount she ate different?
The number of pieces is the same, but the size of each piece is different.
The more you cut up a whole, the smaller the pieces get.
So eating 2 pieces of thirds is more hotdog than 2 pieces of sixths.

Directions: Shade the models to compare the following fractions. Circle the larger fraction for each problem.
6. In science Saleem and Edwin used an inch ruler to measure the length of each of their small caterpillars. Saleem’s caterpillar measured 3 fourths of an inch, and Edwin’s caterpillar measured 3 eighths of an inch. Whose caterpillar is longer? Use a tape diagram to show your work.
7. Lily and Jasmine are baking the same size chocolate cake. Lily put 5/10 of a cup of sugar into her cake, and Jasmine put 5/6 of a cup of sugar into her cake. Who used less sugar? Use a tape diagram to show your work.

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