Fractional Parts

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Videos, examples, solutions, and lessons to help Grade 3 students learn how to represent and identify fractional parts of different wholes.

Common Core Standards: 3.G.2, 3.NF.1

NY Common Core Math Grade 3, Module 5, Lesson 4

Worksheets for Grade 3

Application Problem
Mr. Ramos sliced an orange into 8 equal pieces. He ate 1 slice. Draw a picture to represent the 8 slices of an orange. Shade in the slice Mr. Ramos ate. What fraction of the orange did Mr. Ramos eat? What fraction did he not eat?

Remember to always answer a problem with a complete statement.

Concept Development
Exploration: Designate the following stations for 3 students per station

Station A: Halves
Station B: Fourths
Station C: Eighths
Station D: Thirds
Station E: Sixths
Station F: Ninths
Station G: Fifths
Station H: Tenths

The students are to represent their fraction using the materials at their station.

Each item at their station represents one whole.
They are to show the whole partitioned into equal parts as designated by their station.
The entire quantity of each item must be used. So, for example, if showing thirds, all the clay must be used to do so, all the water must be used.
The clay is to be partitioned by subdividing it into smaller equal pieces formed into equal sized balls.


Each shape is 1 whole. Estimate to equally partition the following images to show the fractional unit of:

  1. 1/2
  2. 1/4
  3. 1/3

Concept Development

  1. Each of the shapes represent 1 whole. Match each shape to its unit fraction.

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