Word Problems: Fractions

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Grade 5 and Grade 6 students learn how to solve fraction word problems.

Fraction Word Problem
Multiplying Fractions Word Problem
A recipe for banana oat muffins calls for 3/4 cup of old fashion oats. You are making 1/2 the recipe. How much oats should you use?

Fraction Word Problem
Dividing Fractions Word Problem
A baby’s t-shirt requires 4/5 yards of fabric. How many t-shirts can be made from 48 yards?

Adding Mixed Numbers Word Problem
Regina rode her bike 2 1/4 miles from her house to school and then 1 5/8 miles to her friend’s house. How many miles did Regina ride in total?

Word Problems with Fractions
Linda has 75 fliers to post around town. Last week, she posted 1/3 of them. This week, she posted 1/5 of the remaining fliers. How many posters has she still not posted?

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