Fraction Word Problems - Intermediate

Lessons on solving fraction word problems using visual methods like bar models, block diagrams or tape diagrams.

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Here are some examples of fraction word problems. The videos will illustrate how to use the block diagrams (Singapore Math) method to solve word problems.

Middle School Fraction Problem

Alex, Betty, and Chris are trading marbles. First, Alex gives Betty 1/2 of his marbles. Then Betty gives Chris 1/3 of her marbles. Finally, Chris gives Alex 2 marbles. If everyone ends up with 12 marbles, how many marbles did each person start with?

Iona started with a certain amount of money. She spent 2/5 of her money. She earned $5 the next day. Later, she lost 3/7 of her money, but she still had $20 left.


  1. There are 96 children in a library. 5/8 of them are girls. How many of them are boys?
  2. David had $40. She spent 1/5 of the money on a storybook and 3/10 on a calculator. How much did he spend altogether?
  3. Scott had some eggs. He sold 5/8 of them. If he sold 300 eggs, how many eggs did he have at first?

Al received some money from his grandmother. Al spent $50, and gave 1/3 of what was left to Bob. Bob spent $2, and gave 3/4 of what was left to Carl. Carl spent $6, and gave 3/5 of what was left to Dan. If Dan received $27 from Carl, how much money did Al receive from his grandmother?

There were several pelicans basking in the sun. 2/5 of the pelicans were brown, and the rest were white. After some of the brown pelicans flew away, only 3/10 of the remaining pelicans were brown. After some of the white pelicans flew away, the fraction of the pelicans that were white turned to 2/3. If the difference between the number of brown pelicans that flew away and the number of white pelicans that flew away was 18, how many brown pelicans were basking in the sun originally?

Sixth Grade Math Sum Fraction And Price Value

PSLE math sum involving fraction and price value does using model method.

Jack bought some erasers, pencils and rulers. 1/6 of them were erasers. The number of pencils he bought was 5 more 1/2 the total number of all items and the remaining were rulers. Each of the erasers, pencils and rulers costs $2.20, $3.45 and $1.70 respectively. He spent a total of $519.15 on all the items. How many more pencils than erasers did Jack buy?

Division Of Fraction By Whole Number Word Problem Using Visual Models

6.NS.1 - Division of Fraction by Whole Number Word Problem (Singapore math).

Example: 3/4 gallons of cake batter is poured equally into 2 bowls. How many gallons are in each bowl?

Division Of Whole Number By Fraction Word Problem Using Visual Models

6.NS.1 - Division of Whole Number by Fraction Word Problem.

Example: Benjamin has 9 cups of sugar. If this is 3/4 of the number he needs to cake, how many cups does he need?

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