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Number - Grade 5

In this lesson, we will learn how to write numbers in expanded form, standard form and word form.

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Expanded Form

Numbers can be written in expanded form. Expanded form can be demonstrated in two ways.

For example:
4123 = 4,000 + 100 + 20 + 3
4123 = (4 × 1,000) + (1 × 100) + (2 × 10) + (3 × 1).

50,302 = 50000 + 300 + 2
50,302 = (5 × 10,000) + (3 × 100) + (2 × 1).

A place value chart may be helpful when writing in expanded form.

Place Value Chart



Hundred Thousands

Ten Thousands







Units/ Ones

Standard form, Word form, Expanded form
How to write numbers in Standard form, Word form and Expanded form?
1. Standard Form: ____
Word Form: ninety-two thousand, one hundred seventy
Expanded form: ____

2. Standard Form: 200,007
Word Form: ____
Expanded Form: ___

3. Read and write the following numbers in different forms
a) 40,000 + 1,000 + 300 + 70 + 8
b) Twenty-seven thousand, six hundred fifteen

Place Value
Review of basic place value concepts
The total number of people who visited the Ocean Adventure Park last year was 7,040,836. What is the value of the digit 4 in this number? Place Value-Expanded Form Standard Form, Expanded Form, and Word Form of Numbers (Up to Thousands)
Learn to write numbers in standard, expanded, and word form.
a. Express 3,527 in expanded form and word form.
b. Express two thousand four hundred sixty-five in standard form.
Standard Form, Expanded Form, and Word Form of Numbers (up to Millions)
Learn to write numbers in standard form, word form, and expanded forms.
a) Write the word name of the number 125,470,000.
b) Write the number thirty six million, two hundred nine thousand, three hundred fifty-five in standard form and expanded form.
c) The Jurassic Period was 205,000,000 to 138,000,000 years ago. Brachiosaurus walked on Earth 143,000,000 years ago. Write each of these numbers as short word names.

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