Estimating Product

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Examples, solutions, videos, stories and songs to teach Grade 3 students how to estimate product.

Estimate Products

  1. Traci drinks 7 glasses of water each day. She says she will drink 2,555 glasses of water in a a year that has 365 days. Is this exact answer reasonable? Explain.
  2. Trevor’s cat sleeps 112 hours a week. Trevor solved the equation below to find how much his cat sleeps in 4 weeks.
    4 x 112 = 448.
    Trever says his cat sleeps 448 hours in 4 weeks. Is his answer reasonable?

Estimating Products
Underestimating: The result of using smaller numbers to estimate a sum or product. The estimate is less than the actual answer.
Overestimating: The result of using larger numbers to estimate a sum or product. The estimate is greater than the actual answer.

Estimate Products for 2 digit Multiplication
How to use place value or rounding to estimate an answer for a 2 digit multiplication problem?
Find the estimate of the product of a multiplication problem using rounding or compatible numbers.
63 × 19
27 × $42

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