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Entropy and Heat

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This is a series of lectures in videos covering topics in General Chemistry. They are conducted by Dr. Chuck Wight who teaches chemistry at the University of Utah.

Entropy and Heat
Introduction to entropy as a thermodynamic state function. Covers the 2nd and 3rd Laws of Thermodynamics and the relationships between heat, entropy, and Gibbs Free Energy for chemical systems.
Entropy and Equilibrium
This General Chemistry lecture covers the role of entropy in equilibrium systems. We describe the dependence of the Gibbs Free Energy on concentration or partial pressure of reacting species, and derive the mathematical conditions for chemical equilibrium. We describe the Law of Mass Action and Le Chateliers Principle for predicting the response of any system that is disturbed from equilibrium.

Entropy and Heat Engines
This General Chemistry lecture covers the Second Law of Thermodynamics and relationships between heat, work and entropy for expansion and compression of gases. We describe the operation of the Carnot heat engine and derive a simple expression for the thermodynamic efficiency of the Carnot engine.

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