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English Vocabulary & Pronunciation - D1

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English Pronunciation - de facto
Today's word is de facto. This is both an adjective and an adverb. As an adjective, it means in reality, not formally recognized. For example, you can say, John was the de facto judge in the case.
English Pronunciation - deforest
Today's word is deforest. This is a verb which means to clear a forest of trees. For example, you can say, No laws were in place to stop the group from deforesting the area.

English Pronunciation Lesson - dehydrate
Today's word is dehydrate. This is a verb which means to remove water from. For example, you can say, The girl quickly became dehydrated due to vomiting.
Daily Pronunciation - despot
Today's word is "despot". This is a noun which means a tyrant or someone who abuses his power. For example, you can say, "Hitler was perhaps one of the most notorious despots in the 20th century."

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