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Daily Pronunciation - tacit
Today's word is "tacit". This is an adjective which means implied or conveyed without words.
For example, you can say, "Many years ago, there was a tacit understanding between the media and politicians that news reporters were supposed to be discreet about the private lives of the politicians."
English Pronunciation Lesson - thoroughly
Today's word is thoroughly. This is an adverb which means completely or utterly.
For example, you can say, I was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge of British culture.

Daily Pronunciation - throng
Today's word is "throng". This is both a verb and a noun. As a noun, it means a large group of people.
For example, you can say, "The movie star walked on the red carpet as a throng of fans cheered.
Daily Pronunciation - transcend
Today's word is "transcend". This is a verb which means to go beyond.
For example, you can say, "The Internet has changed the way we communicate. It transcends the physical boundaries of our locations."

Daily Pronunciation - tumultuous
Today's word is "tumultuous". This is an adjective which means very confusing and violently agitated.
For example, you can say, "The Iraqis have lived through an extremely tumultuous time in recent years."

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