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English Vocabulary & Pronunciation - P2

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Daily Pronunciation - PERTINENT
Today's word is "pertinent". This is an adjective which means relevant or appropriate. For example, you can say, "As a sales representative, you must know all the pertinent information about your products such as price, inventory, available colors, and lead time."
English Pronunciation - PHENOMENAL
Today's word is "phenomenal". This is an adjective which means great or extraordinary. For example, you can say, "In the first half of this decade, we saw phenomenal increases in real estate values in many parts of the U.S."

English Pronunciation - PLEDGE
Today’'s word is pledge. This is both a verb and a noun. As a verb, it means to make a commitment to something. For example, you can say, I pledge my undying friendship to you.
Daily Pronunciation - POLARIZE
Today's word is "polarize". This is a verb which means to divide into directly opposing factions. For example, you can say, "The election will polarize the party; two party candidates differ on an important issue."

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