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English Vocabulary & Pronunciation - O2

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English Pronunciation Lesson - opaque
Today's word is opaque. This is both an adjective and a noun. As an adjective, it means not transparent. For example, you can say, Susan's reasons for leaving town were opaque; no one really knows why she left.
English Pronunciation - ordeal
Today's word is "ordeal". This is a noun which means a very hard or painful experience. For example, you can say, "My grandmother climbed Mt. Everest last month. Not many 80-year-olds can go through such an ordeal.

English Pronunciation - opulent
Today's word is "opulent". This is an adjective which means wealthy or rich. For example, you can say, "The opulent family lived in a mansion on the corner."
English Pronunciation Lesson - outrageous
Today's word is outrageous. This is an adjective which means intolerable or shocking. For example, you can say, Lindsey's outrageous behavior embarrassed her mother; she is no longer welcome at family events.

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